Sometimes things need to be changed. Mostly it comes like a clash with old routines but for ther better.

I’ve been blogging for 4 years or more, I remember myself when I started exchanging pictures via MySpace for fun or listen music on LastFm to remark a time.

I got interested in journalism from there despite my dad always told me to be a journalist and I went to study product design cause arts itself were too subjetive, but objects are quite a horror too so I went for home, and got specialized in furniture. Too young to think in marry and build a house, I took a walk on the wild side and studied art department / set building on cinema but no, no no too dreamy. What about fashion? Attending requests after so long refusing my consume I’ve started to talk myself.

Always involved on the scene I just realized that I have grown up out of proportion. I used to read Key magazine and for me that was the world. So many influent people has passed to Zippinnippiz page or either Julie B Side that I would love to mention, but some things should be kept secret and I myself should keep my low profile. Big names on fashion industry, people that might be with me in mind till nowadays after so many years, we have shared a silent grownth in our hearts. We keep following together even apart and that is the reward.

I’m marrying now my 2 blogs in 1, cause much more people are coming into my life and I’m trying to squeeze time to the acceptance of everybody coming in. I’m keeping them alive as it was a huge brainstorm of experience that I got on the reality side. Rather than cry, I just want to open up space for what is about to come up.

Enjoy and have a great read.