It is surprising how I have been meeting interesting people when I get lost or should I say on the most unusual places, like a passanger on the train or while driving a car, walking on streets in the middle of nowhere and so what.

The question is, behind glances and watches should I give a try and introduce myself on the old fashionable way? Like drop a scarf and see if it is going to be picked up for the potencial new partner just marriage forever in love?

Waste the opportunity is a kill myself now or die. It is funny how the episodes keep beating on your mind for days, months till stick on the memory, kind regards. It is just a bump, c’mon. Good for the alter ego, shame on me or on us.

It is a hard life to be single, you seem more to be in a labirinth always asking about the next minute hoping without expect who is going to be the host of those beautiful moments that someone or many has told you were something called love.

It is easier become a hard stone following without pretend, atracting without believe, trust without asking. Enjoy simple pleasures of cheer up and things have gonne without leave a dust of reality.

When it comes out of the blue , better.
Those kind of things were meant to be.

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