Glued and sticked as in a shadow light. Strange as I feel there is someone following me whenever I go whatever I do, it turned into a suspicious kind of thing. I don’t know if all has turned into an imaginary thing that is more than surreal it is to feel connected to someone is not there.

You believe and you dream, you cut and copy but it is always more. Things that has been written to a story telling where I’m starring the main role, like refusing is going to be an enourmous mistake once again from fear of success. So yes, something is holding me.

Asking me more, I’m alsways giving as much as I can to the unknown pleasures. It is a call from the strange were I tremble so much to hear its voice, pushing me forwards, getting me up, making myself move. It is an unconscious thing.

A kind of automatic pilot driving the image plots into a bizarre discreetion tale. It is intimacy, it is secrets, its is awareness and care. The clue is maximize the state of mind, believe it or not.

Never alone. I never have felt alone it was only hard to find the real me, the real us, the real you and you too.

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