I feel really proud of launching my new page with nothing more than 66 CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, a notorious date on schedule. Film festivals always talks about life and events, politics and drama, stories and technics, personalities and expectators involving all the matters of the globe in a much sensible approach, and then it is gonne after a season straight after turns into vintage, archive, unseen, wanted leaving for what is next coming soon.

Inside great stories of foreign cities- international dramas we have got big names, big screen plays on the show. I’ve decided to talk about the ones that are inside the competion and would be my nominees for the winner. Just a couple I will mention, between family tales, re readings, old ages and antique affairs those are the ones that takes you from your comfort zone, quite violent thought but that leaves a taste of action and reaction with pleasures at end.

ONLY GOD FORGIVES by NICOLAS WINDING REFN talks about an American drug dealear that runs out to China and between murderers and revenge must to face the misterious Chinese retired policeman whom has dealed with the underground world and fight clubs in the past. Staring the girls favourite actor RYAN GOSLING, the script has much spice content that would go for the winner certainly, best original writting.


ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE by JIM JARMUSCH is a bit of water with sugar for the youth that doesn’t have a house, doesn’t have a job, doesn’t have a family, doesn’t have nothing and still have to believe in future, that things will change, that are still capable to make dreams alive. A lost world and keep rolling, damaged without say a word like in a blind date. What could be a cliché story has much more to say. TILDA SWINTON is perfect on the role about personality no one better than her, herself.


Dressed to impress those kind of host I want to take part of behind scene – front scene. Must see movies including the opening screen GREAT GATSBY by BAZ LUHRMANN staring LEONARDO DI CAPRIO on the wish wish 20’s archive tale. Should it all be a back to the future?

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