I’m always looking for a job or should i say I’m always working. Have I become an enterprise? The good thing is that it all always has a development in somehow, always take me somewhere, always show me ways and abouts.

8_PROPSCENE1 8_PROPSCENE2 8_PROPSCENE3 8_PROPSCENE4 8_PROPSCENE5 8_PROPSCENE6 8_PROPSCENE7Few months ago I was approached into movies and started to hunt scenery together with few backdrops, with little experience I’ve realized that it was too much to me carry on with in the mean time, who know in a future near by.

This is GRANGER HERTZOG, somewhere that I ended up applying for a job and in which I think is one of the best companies on the prop / furniture hire for media, being so contemporary and sleek.

The thing is, my working is growing as everybody might have noticed and now I’m really thinking in a studio again. On the spot, I’m trying to fake pretty much the place I’m into, my packed room with allowance for 7. The hard part of it all is that I have to be dressing it and re-dressing it over and over again to look professional. It is minimalist and simplistic but still rolling the table out. Working hard to amplify spaces around.

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