Heavy, industial, strong beats in a love affair, clear lyrics perfect to sing on the mastrophone. Intimistic in danger, echoes, dispair, need all those poisons of a new romantic quite lost on loneliness.

New album release DELTA MACHINE by DEPECHE MODE is darker walking by the goth side. It all starts to come up after the second song Angel taking you to a voyage on the new coming masterpiece. Slow facing a duo with Goodbye, Broken highlighting the record as the band past hits and Soothe My Soul shaking it all with a less dramatic synths. Putting lots of effort Depeche Mode is saying us by Soft Touch / Raw Nerve how hard it is come up with new works that can make future goes so good as past memories, a way to get used to it.


DAFT PUNK launches RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES like a reminder for those cool cool evenings hosted by nice feelings and cocktails and cuban cigars. Something new is going on the record, there is bits of easy listening, jazz, disco and definitely is this that is making the album remarkable. I can say and bet it right on the hits Instant Crush, Lose Yourself to Dance, Get Lucky but Giorgio by Moroder, Touch and Motherboard are a delight to listen. Closes with a brillhant opening ceremony expecting a show biz fighting for more on the drums beats. Oh, my new disco ball full record with no skip.

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