THE BLING RING might seem another weak tale of soup stories to be stranged having a hot name as SOFIA COPPOLA on director role. That is the tricky and what makes it interesting and more relevant, as all Sofia movies always having a dual  paradigm way of thinking, spices of irony and still with no position of Coppola part making most of them masterpieces. Perhaps she is taking part on the role of her father’s movie God Father, telling us it is a girls gang story.

Girls Gang? Oh, yes. Light, much lighter as us all might be too skinny to be true not involved with crime but perhaps doing politics, something to think about. Based in true facts of Hollywood teenager kicks robberies that used to invade celebreties homes to make their pockets worth more than 3 million. Not that it would be the purpose to have what doesn’t belong to me and you but that something that is mine is not really here, missed. Does the recession period made you feel down to the Earth or it is still making you take steps to the star light, as hard as it seems things have changed and all are still lost in the middle of nowhere which make feel pretty same.
THEBLINGRING1 BR_poster_27x40_v9_US

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