Bullet on needle. Fighting with machines, cables and tvs. Mobile phone, cameras, tablet, computer, blow drier, straightener, iron charge and recharge and suddenly bang! No energy again, sucks.

I look like a coffee machine bruising all the time, might be the cheap coffee I’ve learnt to drink while doing the b-side / low budget movies, made me feel so good.

Make me think so much about the wind about the sun, an enormous hand. A sci-fi scene with windows and doors opening and closing by the chance of the weather and glasses all over it as in a crystal ball. Dark glass liquid sky and I fly away.

Here and there to re-charge again me and others animees, like a breeze of poison perfum. Some stick long lasting life not expiring date.

Like potato chips as the night falls and the past midnight work continues, why should I sleep? Put a record on, put a movie on to inspire my dreams, can I read a book in the speed of light it takes so much of my time, feed me.

Discover life treasures anywhere. You stand by ! The mystery of a soul that needs gadgets, stones, cages and documents to make it alive, creating and recreating stories should I say unknown history for me and others eyes till we call it death.

The human being droven wild by the chalenges of a thought, hard to think outside the box when you realize that life is made by power.

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