So lets talk about sales as we are reaching end season and I’m certain that this is a big point on fashion industry. If there is labels collections your wardrobe is a collectors issue either, as soon as the designer collection come up you get mad for have an item and buy it and so after season you just go for details to build up your own archive. To be really honest, it is something I’ve been learning while on fashion industry and it seems an easy task but it is not.

After looking for what I have on my wardrobe and watching menswear shows I thought the tie would be the next season tricky styling bet and so I had a look on colour palette, paterns and mood of the shows to get scarfs that would agree with all this trend. Believe or not it could make a big difference on your outlook.  All at YOOX.

scarf1_goldengoose35GOLDEN GOOSE £ 35scarf2_armanijeans39ARMANI JEANS £ 39scarf3_dsquared35DSQUARED £35scarf4_atticandbarn22ATTIC AND BARN £ 22

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