Post production sucks as each project takes a while to get ready to go. You get out of your desk and just show yourself , you should watch the words you say cause people might take it on the wrong direction.

Performance. No no no it is just a snap of a newest work coming soon. It is like a tiny bit espionage offer from behind scenes. It is so exciting the building process that crew cannot hold themselves screaming to get out of here, the little frame box. That is the creative set, ideas rumbling into their heads and that is the spirit. Till you get used to it and calm down, calm down dear behave yourself.

Believe or not, it is insane. It is satisfying see a piece of project, it is a pleasure with no measure. It is a way of expression but it is also for the public, after a point mostly for the public and that is the glory.

A clue to be curious about to touch on instincts and perceptions, playing with the imaginary to think about the tale and the entire subject. Better, lets say about the quality of work what it all is talking about and elses. More, full length! Great! And applauses. Lets pause lets take a break lets re-fresh it all good for inspiration. Awards.

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