The fever of the moment are definitelly the outlets, I’ve mentioned it before but there is more to talk. I took the route to find out about OUTLET PREMIUM and the best of it is its enviroment of how it is located. Open air, there is a sense of voyage that drives you into a good mood as sometimes I feel bits of claustrophobic inside a mall and also make you get out of your comfort zone, the shops itself offers a great range of products, for me it is best as seasonal shops as you can get lost a bit and find unique products Ā for small prices. Worth to mention that this is not a multi-label big shop it is branded and every one has its own space which means you can choose it accordingly.

Labels for executive posts in which I’m very on eye with are included as HUGO BOSS, ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Ā in which is one of my favs of menswear and I would hardly recommend together with CALVIN KLEIN, OSKLEN, ELLUS, HOPE.Ā I was after A.HERCOVITCH and GLORIA COELHO as I’m really in need of national labels at the moment and I know that both also holds outlets out of the city but maybe in some other place as I could not find it over, I might try check those out very soon. More a moment of sales, sales, sales ooooops market research I would say.

Here, is bits of GRAAL the road off license that is incredible as a film set. It looks more a tourism plan than anything else, I had a great time. 1 2 6 5 3

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