The bones of the office, you should be quite flexible even if needed to stay in a hotel room it is quite unpersonnal you know but would be nothing you can do. Go where the public is. There is not much luxury on it as it is quite even disturbing. It is more like all about business and you should follow the prescription of the sleep medicine for those long way flight trips.

That is the future, globalization & international commerce. More and more is taking place the professionals that will be on the road, so natural. Best than moving out, taking tones and tones of luggage stressing out with busy airports this is over. Only a tiny bit suitcase for a couple of days and on repeat outfits.

Not holidays, there is always and I mean always research at last placid moments to come out with new brilhant ideas. The worst scenery is work out at full speed with just time for a single shot at a nice background to tell people you were a persona of ‘Melie Par Votrê Coté’ movie. And it turns like an ice ball, you achieve and never knows what exactly is looking for.

Loneliness in an empty room.