I would be jealous but as I’m concerned I’m giving the news so I feel better about it.

BRIAN DE PALMA has turned into one of my favourite cinema directors since I found out all his roll of movies as Sisters, Body Double, Dressed to Kill and Femme Fatale and taking the approach with woman’s dual personalities in a sense of always, and I mean always alter ego that describes his brilhant and clever way of seeing his object of desire De Palma reaches his culminant point trowing finally the subject for the work enviroment, so impressive nowadays on the female sharp mind.

His latest film to have premiere in America / Brazil, PASSION continues with Brian De Palma sophisticated Euro Trash / Horror narrative playing cool parts on the dialogues and montage signature easily recognized by joint scenes of two spaces in a single frame. The story is passed in a marketing business company placed in Berlin where boss and protégé starts an intrigate mind game of power where one steals others boyfriend while another takes part of the others idea. Visionaire, it is more like an advice of future goals, like an inspiration / aspiration. PASSION is a movie that I totally recommend for the film industry fans and one of those I, myself cannot wait to see on the rooms of cinema.

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