For some people I might be late to talk about MARINA ABRAMOVIC but it is not exactly how things have gonne. Around 5 years ago I’ve got a free newspaper in UK and a French man from a well known chair had just announced the Alter Modernism art period in which by the time already mentioned Marina’s name. I did a small search straight after and couldn’t exactly get on what was it about specially because I was so catch up with my own business that I just left it over my desk in a kind of random interference and I think the time to get a closer view at Marina Abramovic’s works has just arrived.

Actually it has touched me with such poetic manner particular from European people in a way in which I mys¬elf have been working through to find out on me, myself and that is why I think now I understand better her way of expression, maybe also because since then people started to talk more about and so you can find better and more online pictures of it. I would say dry which sounds perfection. After years of introducing herself in the arts scene took quite a long way to people understand that she was contesting art itself like if I become art what is the price for it turning into a product perhaps and that is why maybe influent people are all getting on Marina’s voice.

If you look further on her performances you can picture a never seen before speech. Putting points through the society where challenges the where is me doubt. Best is that beyond fragments you also notice that there is a aesthetic sense beyond plasticity, fashion, communication, audience. And quieter Marina Abramovic has grown big taking art scene altogether with all the pain and confrontation feeling the notorious glory with such fragility behind it all. A strong woman.

Things might be changing for a new direction and Marina definitely is a turning point to be read, discussed, kept as a mark in art history.


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