I’ve been on the queue for a while to comment what is on with Brazilian cinema, finally I’m able to catch up with stories that I feel interested in talk about. First of all, suprisily I’m happy to say that all data of the industry is over my desk, to be honest together with all the related other ones so yes, I’m with contacts to spare. With over 70 long feature films we can say cinema in Brazil is taking shape for some other moment, a bigger and brighter one. Something that made me feel very proud of is that the production plataforms are all with English translation and that make the international people also have access in all this story.

What happen is, they have the poetic of county sides and the relevance of marginal cinema talking about politics but what is still beating as a question is what if talk more in a cosmopolitan way in which I can picture on streets of Sao Paulo or even bits of more intimistic romance. I can see on Brazilian communication a lack of youth and that is where I stand in which they are the ones that are challenging to make things happen and also might hold a chair in the near future together with taken part of all this transition process. I do believe that those films I will mention below are masterpieces of young people showing their faces.


( original title : No Lugar Errado )

Is a story of 4 people fascinated for the mystery you can find on the night run, divided between the illusion and the reality of it where you can win or loose in it’s same proportion. It is a parallel of the direction itself as it is made by a team of up-coming guys, so let’s say hello for them : Guto Parente / Luiz Pretti / Pedro Diógenes / Ricardo Pretti and again we still have coments, the picture in black and white make a remark on the well come back Brazilian cinema. I would invite some of my friends to get a night out and watch this as we would agree is the same story inside and out.


( original title : As Horas Vulgares )

This is about the losses of art and its re-meeting. Passed on the city of Saint Espirit, it is when the decadent painter finds the guy in which he had shared a past love, not a triangle affair it is mostly like a recover of a broken heart. And like this they go together meeting old friends together with new acquaintances and discovering life again. Love, bohemia, dreams are all spicing the tale. Directed by the duo of Rodrigo de Oliveira and Vitor Graize.

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