I don’t have words to express how well I’ve been received back home and for the ones who were thinking it was a wednesday night have missed it seriously. As my new friend said still like a tourist, I should say thanks for the tips getting back to old mates I went to celebrate a small thing like a opening fashion party today, yesterday and tomorrow together at this time with closed one Tibiriça at CAOS and guess what even Mauricio Ianes has shown up which made me feel like a little  as in a surreal situation, I will get back to you shortly. Nice to see you all guys with all those Tropicalia rocks and National beats, full of strange people, exotic boys and noir girls, the old and good rua Augusta. CAOS1 CAOS2 CAOS3 CAOS4CAOS7 CAOS5BECO SP twisted the line up and this is STAX PLOITATION, expecting the other acts lets say the Irish ryythms I used to listen on UK radios have persecued me on the road of the folk side, to be honest in some way it was a miscelaneous from grunge to pop songs that has gonne right, the accoustic guitars were the proof of some portuguese lyrics djaling. I wasn’t understand much what those guys were doing but I was enjoying bits specially when the singer has gonne fashionable with his warrior hoodie puffie.CAOS6

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