I love to explore areas, cities, countries and discover their best. Sao Paulo is known as being a cosmopolitan city in the globe and surprisily I should say, I’m proud for being Paulista as I have lived it deeply in a full level.

The latest news is that the art galleries are speaking loud around here as I pop up sometimes somewhere else to get some clues as I have seen fantastic things happening around the block. I already caught myself crying inside MASP hardly when facing some of my biggest references but get close to real artists and hours d’oeuvre there is no price.

There is a little story when gallery Emma Thomas was just a babe set at rua Augusta and my birthday party were at neighbour PURE ( Weitor Werneck – Mini Club / Madame ) and suddenly all young fashion designers have shown up to my own disconnection. That time I was neighbour myself of another art gallery with a close merchant by my side and we were planning to get a collective fashion shop by the side of Emma Thomas itself. Transport.

Quite itinerant, as everything that changes EMMA THOMAS is now located at a new address in a cool dress. First time I popped up to check their art & archive and left the place with a smile on my face. The gallery was show casing the artist THEO FIRMO  with ELES e NÓS by Galciane Neves that was a delight to see specially when it took me to some kind of blind date, braille, layers of transparency quite clever so in by todays. Lets say about the gallery’s archive well curated calling up sociology, typography, reading, writings, photos, construction which says architecture. I would say if  you are tired of the same old channel lets take a walk on the wild side.


THEO FIRMO till 26-09-2013
Rua Estados Unidos, 2205
Jardins – São Paulo

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