Oh, yes everybody is calling. Should I fit you in? Invitations popping up onto my desk, mainly all of them. Should I squeeze the time? I’m very flexible you know.

How should I manage it? Because I’m telling you be anywhere at anytime while people are messaging you, mailing you, calling you. Off scene / Off line work and also meetings. Full time, busy! A queue of projects one after another and done. What happen next? You are addicted! There is no moment of calm and then you start again to move yourself. Anything, I just don’t do porn soft trash yes no porn.

Any enquires, requests to events, shows, extras, txts, dressing, full art dept, apparitions, levitations, astrology. Call my dentist or my analyst. My professional side is starting to speak in loud voice and I wish things remain this way, rolling! Really, it is true mate. Next chapter.

I’m happy with that as long as I sort this out, my duty solve matters best way possible. It is just a consequence, preparation and release. Oh dear contacts, send you all my love. Okay, I don’t know the end but maybe some plans. The doubt is always good in fact it is not something that just happen to be, it is just like hummmm try again and improve that till reach a masterpiece. And call again, another work another project another step etcetera.

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