Just reminded my last trip to Paris in which I had choosen to sit inside a church and cry so lost I was with the city, I got the map again and seriously could not find myself. There is little houses but there isn’t name for them and so it goes round and I do really think I visited some other places in which I might tell getting familiar with Paris. Even making few new acquaintances, should spend some more time as people were also screaming out for not have seeing my face before.

The unknown Pigalle church bellow was surreal as I did got a spot that made me wonder for few minutes. I liked it cause it was dark and I lke second lights you know.


the vitral paintings took me a while


And, surprisily back home I got myself in the middle of the season praying again at Mooca for the angels tracks as I’m open to get some new lessons. Interesting…


gave me a little bright thing…


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