A season we saw loads of things happen and think what is about to come next. Frills, embellishments, volume, godet, evase, A-line all over it layers, new silhouettes, cut offs, transparency, devoré, silk, organza, patterns, a timid colour palette where everything can happen from paintings to war together with minimal decottés, like stripped, one shoulder, no shoulders at all.

Perhaps it is about to date a decade and I’m proud to say that might be about it where started with deconstruction and suddenly turned into something else. 10’s, 2010’s and how should I pronounce it? Lets try an anacronym, the W-10’s, W-20’s and forward. Some might say that is quite protectionist but I might also say menswear is making me sweat, more intriguing more shy or still a long way to go and mix things up.

Dry, the trés chic underwear, body and soul. Fashion want to see your face stamped on the newspaper. Flags and wash machines and the other way around. Cocoon to remind un peu about the hats of Coco Chanel and do not forget the history the efforts the sacrifice and the achievements of everybody involved to get once again more one presentation, more one collection finally done, ready to go.

I already had seen seasons that nothing really happened and I left the show like so sad for not having choices, for not have the need of update my wardrobe. SS 14 was totally different was so fun to see all the time the new come up, one of the best season so far there is loads of things you need to add, go for it, change or you will be out of date, certainly démodé. It seemed to me the biggest revamp in 5 years, things have left to be and the little black dress is not much anymore, alone.

Nothing really changes but everything is allowed from mini to mid and long length and re-do it again. Lets say home clothes, stay in or definitely get out. Bubbling on the surface lets get on the vinyl and still more to come up. Everything was on the right measure, equalized and all the brands, designers, labels quite in the same pitch same approach like looking after for the set changes. I would bet some few other choices in which I’m willing to whisper on someone years of either wait and see for the next.¬



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