Normally I’m not writing much collections report once I do not think it suits a personal fashion editor page be putting off comments, so I’ve decided just up only my favourites on the shows and let you wondering the reasons for. With the season endings I got myself with a collection skipping on my head several times and so I’m bringing it here cause it is sort of some relevance.

I remember myself GILES debut in Paris few years ago and it was a girlish look that took all the young rebel’s mind straight after but once his return to London home it seemed to me quite lost on space, trying to get somewhere quite uncomfortable in an old fashionable way. Giles is part of young designers like Christopher Kane and Roksanda Ilincic that are challenging to step on their on way none like Alaia or Prada and after few trials they are somehow getting it.

At Giles s/s 14, the designer has been back to the youth scene in a much more dramatic sense and did it perfectly right, between dark shades of second lights that looks not angels and more like pure vamps looking after a good gossip or a bit on the bohemian set. The effort is totally out and that is the way the collection is fab where the photo printings were the unexpected and desired. The collection reached the high pitch when Kate Moss in fuchsia top comes over the catwalk like remaining as the star of the show.

I left it out cause it was too tight to sit at front row but once it got on stage I asked what exactly is it, would it be a copy remastered. I’m thinking that there might be people dizzying still of what has left and pointing as questioning about the designer taking the scene out. It was not about paper cuts more like wrapping it all over, a simply cut volume and a sleek long fit silhouette that made the difference on loud speaker as the tiny embellished mouths thirsty for more news new news, something I’ve seen before but seems to be the next big trend, the return. The guest appearance of the colour palette tones was just a joke with the opening and closing of the show as in a set of photography in motion, like a movie where the catwalk were the road. It definitely was a clever way to take the spot of the season.


Giles volume


smoking print


newspaper print


simplicity photo bw


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