IBeauty products are a must and is hard to bet right the ones that will go well with your skin type and others biogenetics. I’ve choosen those ones for a special factor. There is some international great brands as PAYOT ( Paris ) / ALFAPARF ( Milan ) being produced in Brazil with high quality, same formulation, low prices but in a trick way to find out, may have something rolling underneath the surface. I totally recommend both products below, you can find them but in a hard shop as it is not very common but affordable good ones, going commercial in a slow manner.

I’ve used Payot make up a time ago and I liked very much the daily wash face I had as it was very natural and turned into my favourite on repeat for 3 times. In one of my trips to Paris at Galeries Lafayette it was there on the shelves somber as an unique single product with a price higher than the medium average. And so I got this product to give it a try and I might tell I liked it. My face skin is sensitive oiled and turns outs loads of spots PAYOT CLINICIEN have worked better to control the tone and hold up the brilhant face without any problems, the beggining of the treatment it has put out all the impurities with a bad time but after all it has been a great sense. My face now is even needing some creams in which I’m hard in need as it is oiled.
BEAUTY1Same thing happen here with ALFAPARF. A long ago someone has recommended me the hair colour of the brand. I went for it few years later and got a 1L. professional tube of sampoo / conditioning in which have gone well at the beggining but after got tired of the chemistry and I’ve started to have problems. My hair is curly with difficulties to manage and pull down, volumous I should say, specially in Brazil that the air is more humid than Europe it is a caca to control.  This time I got the smaller tube special for humidity shielding and liss extreme, HIGH FASHION surprisily made my hair much more behaved in which seems that I have gone even for a progressive blow dry.


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