DANIELBELEZAI was introduced to the band by Humberto Finatti ( Zap’n’Roll / Rolling Stones / Estadão ), no no no I was familiar with DANIEL BELLEZA E OS CORACOES EM FURIA from trouble from the past.

It was my very first time seeing DBCF on stage with their new album release BAILE DESGRAÇA, the third album of a series. I was very into the sound to understand what it is about. It was hard to understand their music, acid with delicious guitar slashes and singer screams in a psycho echo while the drums where playing a hard part equalizing the band format and bass where there timid, it was a bassist or 2 guitar players? Tell me. A pure mix & match of foreign somewhere country that all want to listen, I don’t know if it was Rolling Stones x Iggy Pop or Tutti Frutti by Rita Lee, it was a swing in cover remasterized. I would expect a little bit more to Lollapalooza, but if missing acts.

The question is: Where them, DBCF on stage to you sing a long a song, where they planning to make you buy the cd, where they thinking their launch album show was for free that wasn’t really worth enough for the real act?  Because, with my new acquaintance I’ve mentioned above Humberto Finatti we were discussing about too many things, live acts, MTV, music videos and even SEO and I’ve discovered the end of my article. The record ‘Baile Desrgaça’ by Daniel Belleza e os Corações em Furia is really good and left me wondering what surprise I have got in the store, must be something eccentric at last.


Rua Augusta, 501
Consolação – SP

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