It was time to celebrate my car return. I took drive to welcome back the night of SP and ended up indoors of one of the best underground clubs of the city and some vampires know it.

What happens with MADAME is that is a very respectful place with less luggage without strip, yesterday night was cozy moody industrial and very cool indeed, the music was up side down so good intimistic round in shape skipping on repeat beating my heart. It all to host my missing appearance at Casa Dos Criadores and so the guest dj was my fav on the line up, the up coming designer ALE BRITO with his perfect pitch of the dark side of the moon. It was there, with live painting, open air cinema and small scale shops which means meet back RAT with his vintage sale that indulged me get a brand new pants by Lucy In The Sky a further more great investment. My exit was enlighted by HEITOR WERNECK that made me feel in a very secure ground with chats to roll up the sleeves. I hardly reccomend also sunday matinee. It was very nice :).


Rua: Conselheiro Ramalho, 873
Belas Vista – SP

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