Once again at SPFW with menswear coverage. This is JOAO PIMENTA fall 14 and I might tell I loved to see the poetic of the designer with his farm style going a little darker playing the butcher in a bang bang western show where Joao reaches his hight point determining his signature avant, conceptual and commercial along together. I’m glad for covering his shows where I see the challenge to make a move, it is like a coincidence of the fate that makes me proud. The cuts are more fit waking up the desire to wear it, the colour palette is opening choices without being too extreme, it is more man with no fantasies, it is standing up on the foot floor still soft, delicate, focused and permanent. And so the music told everything with the band on stage.

JP1 JP2 JP3 JP4 JP5 JP6 JP7 JP8 JP9 JP10 JP11 JP12

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