I was eager to put my hands back on canvas and my newest has simply disappeared in only a hard stroke of brush, I felt dispappointed for have finished my material in a single time so I kept going with whatever I saw in front of me, board, paper, mixed materials and suddenly realized I’m entering a new phase. To a great new start, I’m willing to get all I would need in materials and experiment with what would come next, it is important always to have it by the side even if working at other department as sometimes the desire for expression in art can come sometimes out of the blue at least you can go straight after them and it grows time to time so it turns into routine the proccess of doing your own art. Crazy. All at CASA DO ARTISTA. 1_ARTMATERIAL 2_ARTMATERIAL

Liquitex – USA colour paint I’ve never used before but with its heavy body my make it be creamy and touchy which could give the sense of stepping into the canvas and that is the sensation I would like to achieve. Best, affordable prices. 3_ARTMATERIAL

From the French labels it would be time to give Louvre a try as it is always great work along with art history and they are big on the scene. 4_ARTMATERIAL 5_ARTMATERIAL 6_ARTMATERIAL

That is it. I work a lot with ink and my last experiments have gone far well so I would try it again to see if I can go further. Exclusive only at Winsor & Newton, made in England familiar to me. 7_ARTMATERIAL

One of best favs so far, is my technical drawing ink rechargeable pen basically made in Brazil by Trident, I would hardly recommend. Mostly found in the nacional side give it a call for an import. 8_ARTMATERIAL

Basic rubber, not that basic by the German Staedtler.9_ARTMATERIAL 10_ARTMATERIAL 11_ARTMATERIAL

Nacional papers by Acervo.12_ARTMATERIAL

And American Fredrix canvas pad to stay with it for a while till the maxi sizes come up.

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