Create the creature. Business, money maker. When we talk about fashion we mostly think about theatrical dreams but seriously, the reality is totally another thing it is an industry of work, achievements and numbers. And when we say business on top of this is administrating skills and that is the way to get the ball rolling.

Master hand crafters are needed, genious are even so but accountants are the Gods and plays the role of a father. The scapes for a better sale and people hold on the secrets. The industry are the houses, the maisons, without them there is no news no clothes no shows no fashion itself. Fashion is about quality and finishing and pricey.

I give you a tip, it is all about solutions or see and be seen. Strategy, planning, resources, communication, partners all included and the numbers. The communication of a wish, the desire all included. All departments are interconnected one doesn’t survive without the another and with that business goes on.

Obviously there is investments to see developments, specially innovate generate ideas to get a bigger market. It involves target public, who you want to dress, if you are willing to dress, how to sell the idea, how to impress. The creative with a smile on your face, it is about business. And who makes the business. Where are the professionals to get accounts, where are the accounts and help me to find partners. Perhaps external resources. And competition.

I’m unsure to say competition I’m more to talk about flexibility and the power of observe, understand the market you are within, the fashion industry. We are now seeing a Mary go round on the north hemisphere between houses and creative directors and I would say it is healthy to re-fresh as we also saw here in Brazil , where I’m now back based, a couple of years ago in which editors in chief also have changed their chairs around magazines and that was totally worth.

I still have to mention that there is still few gaps to fulfil. Houses, magazines, clients, malls, online shops are more and more looking for high skilled professionals that can really sort things out and those kind of posts are the ones being available. Sometimes this means more work but doesn’t mean more money or maybe if you are clever enough to go building bridges or be comfortable enough of being an IT.BUSINESS

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