After hearing all the rumours about, finally RIVIERA BAR is now on. Yesterday night I went to give it a check out and found out it is a perfect spot for a happy hour as it is more like a  restaurant  than a bar and I would recommend for a snack. The enviroment is invitating.

riviera1 riviera2 riviera3 riviera4 Lets talk now about samba with jam session of MIA DOI TODD ( LA ) & MR. TAKARA , the duo made an intro that reminded me something about Babe of Brazil in somehow, passing from Bossa Nova to sleepwear A La Hawaiian nights till it goes back to a Brazilian Tropicalia cover and so the high point was when the girl started to let her voice free tunning into something special and when singing in Latin American made the masterpiece on the presentation some different stuff to me, the gipsy kind.

At this point I was crazy for a single table and have a talk with the menu. But has downstairs and I was too folk. I was planning a drink abortion and have my oyster somewhere else. I had 2 options : Be really sad for have given my place to someone else 3 times or leave without oyster neither drink and come back some other calm day, was a bit late and I was feeling rather lazy for eatery. Yes, the only place I’ve seen oyster on the menu so far.

Av. Paulista, 2584

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