House Party. I was invitated by my friend George Krakowiac to welcome the new flat of another friend in common Caco Neves. The reason that I like to go to those parties are first I’m curious and you always add acquaintances to your social book, second I like to see the design taste they all have and third for me is kind of location production research and option. The funny thing is that on the way always weird strange things happens so you might pop up somewhere before to warm up and occasionally ends up inside a club to watch out another day came up that wasn’t the case of this date we just left on the couple shot but SP is like a marathon of interesting secret things. Enjoy with me the bits of the spaces, a very nice night out.

location1 location2 location3 location4 location5 location6 location7CACO NEVES NEW OFFICE FLATlocation8 location9 location10SNEAK PEAK OF THE BEAUTIFUL THINGS AT HELDER RODRIGUES PLACE

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