Dressing room, call me ! I’m accepting invitations. Lets give some cinema – film tips for my friends are involved with art direction. PRESENTS OF PAST has an amazing archive, including massive art full of founds for little prices, available also hiring – rent. On a just quick check I have bet some itens I would be interested to make a scene more interesting and appealing without look oldish, I mean more contemporary and actual. Rolls bits of whispers…pastpresent1 pastpresent2 pastpresent3 pastpresent4 pastpresent5 pastpresent6 pastpresent7 pastpresent8 pastpresent9 pastpresent10 pastpresent11 pastpresent12 pastpresent13 pastpresent14
Rua da Móoca, 3401
55 11 2737 0755
55 11 2737 0155
55 11 9765 29826 Thelma
55 11 9764 58970 Jorge

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