Counting minutes to see your eyes like the moon.
Page after page it is a secret between me and you.

The silk touché of a pearl, the desire, the wish, the transformation and discoverment. Unique development like a butterfly between my fingers, like a frozen river no more tears an open sea with the calm of death, to renew. I wake up refreshed believing on my dreams, the dreams that run a gift made for you. God is trying to have a talk to me, God is trying to take me away, is trying to give me a secure place like an desert island to me realize how far we can go together. And as I would not live without you I would invite all my friends to eat oysters and drink coconut water with me or us while staring to my wonderful pearls, birds will be singing our best song and the sun will be our spot looking after shadow places behind our sunglasses like babe born Polaroid cream. People are asking me where this all came from, I say from the creation of a better reality, a reality that suits me better, a reality of happiness, no fault neither guilt for that. An achievement for a loyal share, proud of it my fingers cannot lie I can see it through your eyes, in a mute note of a sound system like earrings to hold all the whispers you said to me last night and the night before that and the future we will stay together. The pearls of mine I cannot give them to you, don’t steal stare at them with grace and glory and they will take part of you in silence I swear beautifully quiet.



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