3 : 40

Famous for having a very busy nightlife, everything or everyone rolls up here in Sao Paulo city. Presenting to you now the best sound system we can find around the area with round great speakers cool cool equalized. A grand master flash divine and this is D-EDGE now on spot. CLUB1The rock room was a little abandoned on a friday night which left regards but I might tell was a delicious set of MAMBO 90 at Freak Chic scene and on that comes the surprise for the single date, the venue is for a couple of years with new stages and an open air  roof that you can marvellous face Latin America Memory for the fans of Oscar Niemeyer. It is a gift for the city, go go dancers. I was on my sneakers by Pedro Lourenço good enough to make a dance and have been hosted by my also fashionable friend, the millinery I have presented to you previously already here, Eduardo Laurino and his loyal squire Caio Sobreira they will be definitely be there to attend you.

Suddenly I’ve notice that I’m even quite an often visitor of the club as everything happens so smooth you do not feel much the impact, the truth is always and when I say always I really mean it is that  really remarkable bizarre things happens, I’m unsure if it is because I’m very low profile but it is all a case of genius.


Av. Auro Soares de Moura Andrade, 141
Barra Funda – Sao Paulo

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