Black coffee, that morning strong smell that should stay and I cannot live without. Addicted for it. Changing scenes, I must to leave I gonna go. Impressing to remarks a personality that creates a kind of curiosity and awake senses. Should know how to choose, pick up and stand. A chemistry laboratory to turn alive a passage inside. Smells like nature, smells like skin flesh and blood, body and soul sweating. Why so lonely? My cigarette of mine, smoking jacket, lapel. Night and day from the office to the living room, ballroom. The notes, the high tones, the mind works.

In the middle of a green grass landscape turning around like breeze, blurred images several frames at once impressions made you turn around and around again, the attention was on you while you were feeling fresh walking around in bold steps, felt stronger with subliminal messages. How to keep an instant, how to fix my elements of mine like a blossom flower that never dies, permanent attached like a tree on the field, fire escape and so lime and cinnamon would be perfect to inspire.

Soft, fragile still intense you are not there it seems like a stain on somebody else thinking claiming for a welcome back, frightening to see you again another casual meeting with an eye prescription. Those kind of suspicious things of a flirt, attraction, beauty, matches to pretend that nothing is really happening, quietly present with nobody around taking two of us only for a dance embracing fate like pressure of insanity full of fear that takes a minute to vanish away like  a star fog in a bang but an entire life to hold up together the small pieces of crystals that eventually would fall apart or only a single moment.


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