I’m very very curious about as it seems parfums has been a great subject on house parties casual meetings. This time when I faced the girl that was born same date same year than I, she has introduced to me for what seemed to be a secret.

The conversation was that the fragance of ESCENTRIC MOLECULES 1 2 3 is quite of the unusual type created by a single personality that does an exquisite laboratory and so the ones that has choosen to wear the unique formula are an A-list of celebrities. Okay, I got home afterwards willing to find out what it was about and it was in a kind of insight I have remember the all physics name of the brand, looking out for a traditional luxury product I just faced a very contemporary light sleek fragile full of personality bottle and as all those commom senses for a surprise to me it had already passed through my fingers through the unknown and I have sent a post to my mom containing something that for her would be to modern, the very hipster type. Still I would try it by myself and really I might tell you that it is not a hard to find as now in Brazil land we already can pick one of those bottle of the collection down there very easily and closely.

Escentric Molecules at Shopping Iguatemi, 3rd Floor.

ExcentricMolecules03-1 ExcentricMoleculese03-1 ExcentricMoleculese02 ExcentricMolecules02 ExcentricMolecules01_Bottle_Web ExcentricMolecules01

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