On the pre Carnaval 14 season nothing better than launch a limited collection that suits the party. Some up coming known selected designers were hosted at ESTHER GIOBBI STUDIO yesterday night, with amazing pieces to shine in a traditional classic time, best was match it all with home affairs and closed friends as it is more a decoration – prop space than outdoors busy lands. Cozy, tight, privacy.

Talking about business, I’m very adept of those meetings as press days in which I hardly recommend to be introduced in Brazil for easy up life of fashion professionals as well anothers kind of functions that looks like more an experimentation, surprisily they do work very well than the shop alone. I mean sales do not work without comunication and this is a very gentle way to get the ball rolling.

I wish you enjoy the party with me, now here :

E_GIOBBI1 E_GIOBBI2 E_GIOBBI3 E_GIOBBI4 DIE EGO and its accessories design, flag by FABIO KAWALLYS

E_GIOBBI5flags by F.KAWALLYS and the amazing accessory by DIE EGO

E_GIOBBI6the neon lights by KLEBER MATHEUS

E_GIOBBI7The special edition headpieces by DIE EGO

E_GIOBBI8 E_GIOBBI9 E_GIOBBI10 E_GIOBBI11_1 underwear goes bikini by JANIERO

E_GIOBBI11 tie me up tie me down by CLAUDIA SAVELLI

And the social lounge :


Rua Padre Manoel de Chaves, 92
Jd. Europa – SP
11 3085 9666

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