First I was introduced to MALEVICH paintings by a folder of an exhibition in Amsterdan while on a friends house after it has been mentioned again by an artist and stylist in which I was in touch with in a gallery release, for me I had heard but everything took me to a new study again but well, I was interested as well in some other friends chats telling me that all were about mathematics and that you don’t need to explain me as it is like the rule.

Malevich art is exactly what everyone has on mind nowadays in a kind of reconstruction. Before deconstruction took everybody away but people has changed their mind and so now, looking for a new thing that will take us for a new time. RGB & CMYK in betweens, but were this of his period ?  Well, the geometry is everything; organic okay live and let live but everything is about it. Abstract yes, because you cannot see really the figurative part but for me the paintings are buildings, home and etc.


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