Champs Elyseés. I adore when episodes just happen for themselves, I adore when things happens exactly the way they should be, enigmatic. The light in Paris was bright, an open field to me conquer. I didn’t know much about French people but certainly they wanted to know about me, I would say they are interested or interesting both I think suit.

Appealing or attracting, monsieur strange to me. Driving myself like a guardian guide, directing me to the little obscure places unknown pleasures. A hard bet to give my arms a turn, you are there and you know everything in a couple of days. Messages or a massage on the intense deep feelings of existence, taking away from me with delicacy all my fears. Excusez-moi,

Paris for me was a big lesson, it was like give yourself few minutes of break stand there and see what comes to you, fragments of missing pieces and I tell wasn’t little. I felt like a winner in a F-1 championship, having a champagne shower on the fountains of an empty space. Half reality half the future in hold as champagne is to celebrate and it seemed it wasn’t my time yet, perhaps too jalouse de vous which would be a too good to be true.

He gave me a French kiss to me learn all those kind of wet stuff he wanted to say me, unexpected behaviour. Calling me madame, asked if I could please undress in that tragic Parisian feeling, quite storm quite anxious quite distant. And the bottle of champagne was there like the Eiffel Tower enlightening life with the fuzz inside.


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