Those days the guy from MUEP ETMO, perhaps Fabio Villas Boas was inviting me online to check it out at a gig and I, myself how do not go out without one of my chaperons have not reached the place but certainly soon I will. For his surprise on our chat I have mentioned before all that the band was on my page line up for a very soon article.

What is so incredible about this ? Well, it is from my compatriots, so I should say national. But what else, this is really good relaxing like jazz but a total revamp, experimental electronic with bits of industrial and touches of drum and bass. A new sort of new age.

And I love when good stuff comes over my hands like a snap. Well produced, the sounds are never heard with heavy tones of delicacy. The artsy shot for a great intro. You can hear the music, full album ‘Hell to the No ‘ here :


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