I was introduced to Andréia Costa from hair salon HAIR PIN and actually I was looking for some recommendation as I was really in need for a change, cuts & colour as I got bored of the same squared burnt face. Hair stylist of such people like Courtney Love, Lily Allen, passing from Paris shows, 9 year with Celso Kamura and a some time with Mauro Freire all this on the profile, I felt it like a gift secure enough to leave the place with a great new hair style.

And guess what ? She took only few minutes to manage my cut exactly the way I wanted with few bits more of creativity, like a signature. For instance I have stranged it because this is the way it is with hair but I might tell, my hair is even nicier than the picture bellow, it looks short but it is not she made an amazing blow dry but I got some rain and it has shrank. That is it, she kept the lenght for me and adored it to leave it grow even more. I’m enjoying it by now and I would hardly recommend, as well as a nice enviroment in the middle of the heart of Sao Paulo. I will see you live. HAIR PIN : R. AUGUSTA, 2633 LJ. 3/4 # 11 3062 0124


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