Put your sunglasses on, turn the lights off, face the stranger, rip life alive. Flashes of insights coming on from coincidences, fate, memories and knowledge managing to get in a better page of a book with a great story. Unknown to me, unknown to you with reasons to follow with everything for the please to meet you.

Shadow lights leaving ghosts behind a challenge to find the treasures that holds on. Secrets, developments, progress, movement like a fresh breeze of autumn saturday afternoon. Discreet uptight stepping to achieve at last unforgettable moments. What I’ve got inside nobody knows neither I know.

Transformation, a bright scape. Falling apart to share all the good things for what seems will be a great season, like loads of cards on the table to play with and have a luck chance with only one promise, strikes on. And the smocking fog still making the great appearance even if outside, cult landscapes.

Cool people reunited for a warm up skin, people that pass, people that stay, people that leaves but don’t fade away. Conscious and sanity for a hard friendship, a long lasting love. Quietly behaviour, a strong presence.

pitch_darklights2 pitch_darklights1

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