Do you know those kind of nights you get into a club and while you are crossing the passages from a room to another you stare to that guy pending on the wall and say wow exciting body and mind attraction because mostly we attract people that has things in common with us, you sweat and bits of adrenaline rush come over to make something happens.

With no pretension at all, you go dancing with yourself to take the attention of the target of your desire, discreet causing some discomfort to take the chance from your part or from the other side part to get closer in some kind of accidental way, asking questions like do you have fire or a cigarette to spare. Obviously that before you have prep some lines to say and introduce a conversation, possibly I like the colour of your eyes or there is something quite unusual the way you dress yourself but your hairstyle looks great kinda works too.

If it is a YES, at this point you both are already laughing together or getting into a more particular conversation with deep meanings of life and astrology or perhaps both or even like curious with such silly story and so the music note turns into your favour. Remember those classics only us dance and suddenly you make the move with body language engaging the other person into yours mood and while beats goes on you are dancing together. It is going to be pretty much of a shock for modern society where everything goes on collective, yes pretty much of a shock to let people see you leaving on the couple side or even disappearing á française but it is going to be an unforgettable romantic date. The dance is quite aphrodisiac, is charming, it is a gun on the game of love.


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