I’ve been in a urge to listen metal rock those days once fall can get me hard, it is seriously for a stand up , shake up, wake up. DEAP VALLY is a new Californian girl duo lining up with Bikini Kill and L7. If you are looking for some hysteric lyrics SISTRIONIX is a bet for a very mood stripper bar and to see the bizz rolling. Once USA definitelly is where the heart is for music scene it is to see rock is not dead, still alive with great new bands over.



That is one of my favourites girl bands so far, in contraposition of the heavy I’ve mentioned above it is calmer that holds your animee. CHERRY GLAZERR is a sweet rock that fits my playlist very well, folk with touchs of acid it is best ballad for a catch up community or a lay low inside. HAXEL PRINCESS record was release on Saint Laurent girls last season show, which sounds a great appearance but the best is that the record comes on the right tone, right pitch, right feet, surprising for a new comer band, it is a new recipe of rock nothing much but cute close to music of big psychodelic bands of the past.


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