The duo dance, the two parts of me the two parts of you integrated. That is the search, good enough. Space and time like a sight, the purity of the first love still expecting for wonderful things to happen. Hello, are you the unicorn of my dreams ? I mean, what would be the difference. All those tender feelings inside a pot of secrecy hidden on the corner of your heart and please do spoil your babe with that sugar kiss.

Control! That controlling mind like a shadow that can read the inside me thoughts. Why did I get into this ? A Hard Share. Random insights from the darkness telling me no lies as whispers to make myself ahead by your side, no disturbance just focus to believe on getting through the other side of the line, life is too risky. What is here today cannot be here tomorrow so hand it carefully for a not damaged soul keeping. The grace of a loving bird that fulfil my wishes and hopes with no hurry, with the caution to attend expectations. The #1 record on my playlist, to listen for long years. Single Match, that last.

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