Pick up the pieces that are worth, like a broken glass you choose. Remain calm, this might get longer than you expected, perhaps only a couple of days like a night stand. Fast !

What you really need, substance. That is what you are searching for. Increase, add, re-assume your consume, like a hold back a fade to gray. Time is passing by, what is here today is not there anymore, memories that stopped making sense, alive a live act.

The reasons for share, only what we can give. Attracted by a purpose, a common sense, by fate and destiny. Obviously there is one written by chance, growth. The priceless smile on your face, achievements and rewards. Cold lane, always a way out.

Blind eyes, a total physic form and numbers. Should say yes for the best ever, welcome surprises, unexpected, thrilling new experiences. No fear of attack, to re-act, symptoms of a well being, balance, equilibrium.

My favourite exercise.


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