The band is a new thing for me, just discovered THEE OH SEES. For a long time I’ve stopped on shoegaze and it is pretty much when psychodelic meets grunge intro so sounds like a de ja vú on formely 90’s acid teenage kicks. Actually, what has been happening is that I’ve seen new bands trying to remasterize what has happened on the past like mixing styles to come up with a new gender or only bits or perhaps a mix of genders from the past turning into quite single shots. They look like but they are not, they are brand new. This is DROP, a new realease in 2014 from Thee Oh Sees , you should definitely listen to check out the mood I’m telling you on this trip.


So, lets talk of one of my favorite band so far and its new record RAVE TAPES release just now in 2014. This is MOGWAY, with its new age instrumental well built right measure accords and synths perfect for a kind of heavy & hardly introspection in front of busy life, it is quite a detached intimistic voyage low profile search for the self, itself. The band is coming more upward less distante more dramatic. Certainly is to listen on repeat, with no shadow of doubt.


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