Apply within ! Discover that some of the best moments are made of thoughts, obviously with the help of far away chaps. Generated by a full pack of tools and sources, the secrets of loneliness weather, a continuity where fragments of real life starts making sense, fall into place.

If it is a time for reflection, I agree. Inspiration that comes from inside, or from outside, or from everywhere or everything. Having a trip with the routine, with daily life where you can fill little spaces of time with delicacy, violence, sex appeal, individuality, intimism there is no boring time no loneliness at all.

A busy life, where a single passage will last on the whole story. Make things be remarkable even on a breath, a glance. Chances are you will have a happy end, nothing is permanent it is a recycling to feel its purpose. The future is in hold, the present is a gift for your own actions and re-actions to the things you claim for, the past is gone simply gone some memories perhaps fate giving you a second chance.

The world is a single one, but the intrinsic part of relate to others is multiple, the beauty of seeing the full context, the existence, the differences. Have you ever realized of how important is to connect with others ? Best, it is to relate from far away, distant places.


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