I was checking the city culture programs and into something with some interaction full of content. I’m living far away from the city center and got bits of lazy with the cold weather, so I’ve found for all as it meant to me be close to you.

SESC has opened doors in many boroughs around SP state and is well known for great advance on personal developments and ways of expressions together with flexibility as offers a body and mind conscious behaviours acts. It is full entertaining with bits of sports for any age.

I’m also trying to rediscover my own borough socially, so I’ve checked Sesc online pages to see what was on by now. Here, is an intervention of film and dance, entitled ‘100 PLACES TO DANCE ‘, filmed in 3 cities starting from Santos, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. I really took the road as I’m stacked on business for some time not able to open my agenda for a scape. It was really appealing as it was photo shoots filmed slow motion in a proposal, with body language and costume all together.

Lets talk about the best offer : Well, just got a free workshops pack like ‘ Video Edition ‘ x ‘ Soundtrack Recording ‘ which sounds a must go definitely. I have ended up surprisingly happy for such a catch up, feeling back to school, up dating my cv.

Thanks Sesc , I totally recommend.






100 Places to Dance
till 17 – August
Sesc Belenzinho
RUA Padre Adelino, 1.000
03303-000 Belém

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