This session was an amazing new thing. Combined between 2 acts, theatre filmed to cinema simultaneously where you choose the version ‘ WHAT IF THEY GO TO MOSCOW ‘ is a play of union, despair, death.

The story follows with 3 sisters , on the father’s death together with the youngest 20’s birthday party they start not to know exactly what to do with the house, marriage, life on a dramatic scene presentation.

The actresses here got a prize award for the beautiful realization and experimentation of themselves in such a theme. I would not leave without mention I got proud for their talent. Also, the thematic of the 2 sides of the same interplay is really magic letting the spectator wondering what is the real meaning for all that disturbance. It is must see, still on. With some surprises on the ways out.


What If They Go To Moscow
Till 17 – August
Sesc Belenzinho
R. Padre Adelino, 1.000
03303-000 Belém

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