I remenber when I was abroad and have faced FUR zine by CASSIA TABATINI, it was such a source of inspiration. Now is time of FORT come to the front, a menswear independent project created by Cassia, herself partnering with photographer FABIO MOTTA. With art director KLEBER MATHEUS, it was launched last night its 2nd annual edition at CARTEL 011.

The concept is still collaborations but no less professional, it is more like exercises to put a point on an identity, exercising languages and formats to explore a more freedom of expression artsy shot. Unify a range of collaborations and public is also a way to go corporation, it is also difficult but it is also a pleasure remarkable time. The pictures are extremely appealing on the interior, the outstanding boys behaviour. Representing much more feelings than a rush world; a minute for contemplation.

It is really nice and should say important to see that the independent still exists bringing forward some notorious works and it is again growing faster, holding tight, taking name and space without pretend but bringing dreams and realizations to the stage.


FORT_3Marie Valognes




You can find FORT at Cartel 011
R. Arthur de Azevedo, 517
Pinheiros – SP

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