Cinema studies. It is about to happen the opening of INDIE FESTIVAL 2014, with loads of independent films on circuit from wordwide, to underground music passing for some directors retrospectives. It is a delight to invite you all for film sessions with free entrance from the middle of this month till the end, happening at CineSesc.

My suggestions from the line up are :

NICK CAVE 20.000 DAYS ON EARTH ( Nick Cave 20.000 Dias na Terra ) an amazing document from a music singer and leader of the band Bad Seeds searching for inspirations, diva sessions, dealing with partners and on the road. A chance to get the experience of a musician life. Dir. Iain Forsyth / Jane Pollard. 20/09 21h30.

SHIRLEY – VISIONS OF REALITY ( Shirley – Visões da Realidade ) the painter Edward Hopper is here brought to the front of the scene by the vision of a woman at America 20’s decade hopping to make its difference facing the colours of its painter’s canvases. Dir. Gustav Deutsch. 27/09 19h.

LE PONT DES ARTS ( A Ponte das Artes ) In Paris with an active social life, the student Pascal falls in love with a liric singer, leaving a girfriend to face a woman humiliated for her maestro and not understood for her partner. Dir. Eugene Green. 01/10 19h.

I see you there.

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